San Joaquin County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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Key Positions

By Greg Aghazarian

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 17

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  • Quality Teachers in Smaller Classes
  • Adult Crime for Adult Time
  • Reforming HMOs Will Protect Patients
  • Cutting the Waste in Government
  • Farming Water Storage is Critical
Quality Teachers In Smaller Classes

A Lincoln Unified School District Trustee, Greg Aghazarian led the successful fight to invest $1.4 million in new student textbooks and teaching materials, worked on a public-private partnership to improve early literacy via a countywide "book bags" distribution program . . . and was instrumental in decreasing truancy at our local schools.

Greg Aghazarian will push for better "teaching standards" because he knows that smaller classes will only work if you have quality teachers instructing our children . . . and, he'll support a key education reform that every student must "read, write and speak" English before graduating from high school.

Adult Time for Adult Crime

Greg Aghazarian has always supported swift enforcement of the "Three Strikes, You're Out" statute . . . and he not only believes that violent gang members should be prosecuted in adult courts, but court procedures must be reformed so unethical trial lawyers can't constantly delay justice.

To Greg Aghazarian, government's highest priority is the safety of its citizens . . . whether it's protecting the elderly from criminal abuse, locking up child molesters or keeping guns off the streets, law enforcement must have the resources to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Reforming HMOs Will Protect Patients

An advocate of reforming the health care industry, Greg Aghazarian firmly believes that medical decisions should be made by doctors and not accountants -- and most important, that patients should be allowed to select their own doctors.

Greg Aghazarian not only wants more attention focused on the high cost of prescription drugs - the average cost has increased by 40% in the last five years - but he's also vitally concerned about the rising number of child asthma deaths in the Central Valley . . . the third highest rate in the United States.

Cutting the Waste in Government

As a small businessman, Greg Aghazarian wants to cut wasteful spending and eliminate ill-conceived, worthless liberal programs # he believes the Legislature hasn't worked hard enough to streamline government and make it more accountable for its decisions.

A fiscal conservative who will fight to get our fair return on the tax dollars we send to Sacramento, Greg Aghazarian opposes any effort to raise taxes without a two-thirds vote of the people . . . and he supports efforts to end "unfunded" state mandates forced upon local government.

Farming Water Storage is Critical

Since Greg Aghazarian's family grows grapes and apples, he understands that water is the lifeblood of our agricultural community - that's why he opposes any water leaving our county and supports greater efforts to enhance water storage.

Not only will Greg Aghazarian battle the radical environmentalists who hurt farming . . . but we can count on him to protect our property rights, eradicate the glassy-winged sharpshooter and make sure Southern California developers don't trample on our way of life by grabbing our water.

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