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Santa Clara County Ballot

500 CASTRO ST, 94041

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November 7, 2000 Election

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Polling Location on November 7, 7am-8pm
Mountain View City Hall
Mercy St Entrance
500 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94040
Precinct 2417
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  • President

    President of the United States

    • Ralph Nader, Green
    • Al Gore, Democratic
    • Harry Browne, Libertarian
    • John Hagelin, Natural Law
    • Howard Phillips, American Independent
    • George W. Bush, Republican
    • Patrick J. Buchanan, Reform

    United States Senator

    United States Senator

    United States Representative

    United States Representative; District 14


    State Senator; District 13

    Member of the State Assembly; District 22


    Judge of the Superior Court; County of Santa Clara; Office 2

    Judge of the Superior Court; County of Santa Clara; Office 11


    Governing Board Member; Proposed Mountain View/Whisman School District (5 Elected)

    Governing Board Member; Mountain View School District (2 Elected)

    Board Member; Santa Clara County Board of Education; Trustee Area 1


    Supervisor; County of Santa Clara; Supervisorial District 5


    Councilmember; City of Mountain View (4 Elected)


    Director; El Camino Hospital District (3 Elected)

    State Propositions

    Proposition 32 Veterans’ Bond Act of 2000
    This act provides for a bond issue of five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000) to provide farm and home aid for California veterans. Fiscal Impact: Costs of about $858 million over 25 years (average cost of about $34 million per year); costs paid by participating veterans.

    Proposition 33 Legislature. Participation In Public Employees’ Retirement System
    Allows legislative members to participate in the Public Employees’ Retirement System plans in which a majority of state employees may participate. Fiscal Impact: Annual state costs under $1 million to provide retirement benefits to legislators, with these costs replacing other spending from the fixed annual amount provided in support of the Legislature.

    Proposition 34 Campaign Contributions and Spending. Limits. Disclosure
    Limits campaign contributions and loans to state candidates and political parties. Provides voluntary spending limits; expands public disclosure requirements and increases penalties. Fiscal Impact: Additional net costs to the state, potentially up to several million dollars annually, and unknown but probably not significant costs to local government.

    Proposition 35 Public Works Projects. Use of Private Contractors for Engineering and Architectural Services.
    Amends Constitution eliminating existing restrictions on state, local contracting with private entities for engineering, architectural services; contracts awarded by competitive selection; bidding permitted, not required. Fiscal Impact: Unknown impact on state spending for architectural and engineering services and construction project delivery. Actual impact will depend on how the state uses the contracting flexibility under the proposition.

    Proposition 36 Drugs. Probation and Treatment Program
    Requires probation and drug treatment, not incarceration, for possession, use, transportation of controlled substances and similar parole violations, except sale or manufacture. Authorizes dismissal of charges after completion of treatment. Fiscal Impact: Net annual savings of $100 million to $150 million to the state and about $40 million to local governments. Potential avoidance of one-time capital outlay costs to the state of $450 million to $550 million.

    Proposition 37 Fees. Vote Requirements. Taxes
    Requires two-thirds vote of State Legislature, majority or two-thirds of local electorate to impose future state, local fees on activity to study or mitigate its environmental, societal or economic effects. Defines such fees as taxes except property, development, certain other fees. Fiscal Impact: Unknown, potentially significant, reduction in future state and local government revenues from making it more difficult to approve certain regulatory charges.

    Proposition 38 School Vouchers. State-Funded Private and Religious Education Public School Funding.
    Authorizes annual state payments of at least $4000 per pupil for private/religious schools. Permits replacement of current constitutional public school funding formula. Fiscal Impact: Near-term state costs from zero to $1.1 billion annually. Long-term state impact from $2 billion in annual costs to $3 billion in annual savings, depending on how many public school students shift to private schools.

    Proposition 39 School Facilities. 55% Local Vote. Bonds, Taxes Accountability Requirements.
    Authorizes bonds for repair, construction or replacement of school facilities, classrooms, if approved by 55% local vote. Fiscal Impact: Increased bond debt for many school districts. Long-term costs statewide could total in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Potential longer-term state savings to the extent school districts assume greater responsibility for funding school facilities.

    Local Measures

    Measure A Valley Transportation Authority 1/2 Cent Transit Sales Tax
    • Connect BART to Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara;
    • Build rail connection from San Jose Airport to BART, Caltrain, light rail;
    • Purchase vehicles for disabled access, senior safety, clean air buses;
    • Provide light rail throughout Santa Clara County;
    • Expand, electrify Caltrain;
    • Increase rail, bus service;

    Shall Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority enact a ½ cent sales tax for 30 years beginning 4/1/06 when current tax expires, with annual audits published in local newspapers and an independent citizens watchdog committee?

    Measure B Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection, Special Parcel Tax -- Santa Clara Valley Water District
    Shall the Santa Clara Valley Water District replace an expired program assessment with a special parcel tax, as provided in District Resolution No. 2000-44, to: protect homes, schools, businesses and roads from flooding and erosion; protect, enhance and restore healthy creek and bay ecosystems; provide additional open space trails and parks along creeks; and provide clean, safe water in our creeks and bays?

    Measure C Merger of Mountain View and Whisman School Districts -- Proposed Mountain View/Whisman School District
    Merger of Mountain View School District and Whisman School District --Yes; Merger of Mountain View School District and Whisman School District -- No.

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