San Joaquin County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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On Growth

By Cecelia Drake

Candidate for City Council; City of Manteca

This information is provided by the candidate
The decision you make in the November Election will have a profound effect on the future of our Community.

Profound, because many have forecasted that Manteca is at ground zero for growth in the next 20 years. And if not managed properly, with a common sense approach, WE THE TAXPAYERS, will pick up the tab. What kind of legacy are we to leave the next generation?

For too long, I have observed that the developers run the city....

Case in point, the Developer's Sewer Agreement. In this agreement, the developers manage sewer allocations. Not the City. It's plain and simple. Our City should control the sewer allocations and new growth should pay its own way. Developer fees need to be adjusted for long term growth. Not just for the short term immediate crisis at hand.

For too long, I have observed that our City Council governs growth by the availability of sewer allocations as opposed to the impact of traffic, the need for more schools, and the demand on city services.

When was the last time our City Council asked MUSD what would be the impact if a project/development was approved?

When was the last time our City Council attended a forum to discuss traffic within the boundaries and at a regional level?

Integrated long term planning is just plain common sense. Particularly, when our City is situated in the center of the state and considered the Crossroads of California. Because of our strategic location, growth is inevitable and we need to manage it wisely. Growth needs to be reasonable and compatible to our community.

These are real issues folks. We the taxpayers are in trouble if we continue in our present state. Millions of dollars are continually being given away to big business/developers/special interest groups with no accountability while our City leaders increase fees like sewer and water.

As Co-owner of The Village Sandwich Shoppe in downtown Manteca, Owner/Publisher of two weekly Newspapers and over 20 years management experience, I believe I possess the qualities needed for a new perspective and change.

Manteca needs fresh leadership to move our Community forward.

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