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Los Angeles County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Measure K
Issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of $34 million for specified school improvement
Little Lake City Elementary School District

Bond Measure

4,933 / 75.93% Yes votes ...... 1,564 / 24.07% No votes

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Summary Prepared by Little Lake City School District:
Measure K for Little Lake Schools Measure K will provide funds to:
  • Upgrade inadequate electrical systems
  • Install efficient heating and air conditioning systems
  • Replace aging water and sewer lines
  • Increase school safety and security
  • Remove hazards from asbestos
  • Upgrade wiring for technology
  • Replace substandard portable classrooms
  • Provide lighting for safety and security
  • Replace outdated fire alarms

Measure K on the March 7th ballot will provide local funds for critically needed renovations and repairs at all nine Little Lake City Schools.

Most Little Lake Schools were built over 40 years ago. The decades of constant wear and tear have taken their toll. Science labs and libraries need to be modernized. Heating and air conditioning systems are inefficient. Aging water and sewer lines need to be replaced. Electrical systems and fire alarms are inadequate and need to be upgraded. Exterior lighting needs to be installed for safety and security.

All funds raised by Measure K will go directly into critically needed repairs to Little Lake City Schools and will stay in our community to benefit local children. By law, no money can be spent on teachers' or administrators' salaries.

Questions and Answers about Measure K

  • What is Measure K? Measure K, on the March 7 ballot, is a bond measure to raise local funds to finance critically needed repairs and upgrades of schools in the Little Lake City School District. Measure K will provide funds to replace aging water and sewer lines, upgrade electrical systems, repair heating and ventilation systems, upgrade wiring for technology, and replace sub-standard portable classrooms. All money raised by Measure K will stay in our community to benefit local children.

  • Why is Measure K needed? Safe and healthy schools are an important foundation for quality education. Little Lake City Schools, most built over 40 years ago, are old and need major repairs. General wear and tear have taken their toll on our school buildings. The repairs and improvements needed to ensure a quality learning environment are beyond existing resources.

  • What about using state bond money for repairs? The state bond passed by voters in November 1998 requires matching local funds. Approving Measure K means our school district will qualify for matching state funds to make critical safety facilities repairs and renovations.

  • What about using lottery money for repairs? By law, lottery funds must go directly into classroom instruction and cannot be used for facilities repair. Revenue from the lottery is a welcome supplement to our school budget (about 2% of the district's budget). These funds have helped our schools improve classroom instruction, maintain manageable class size, and retain quality teachers.

  • Will all schools in the district be repaired? Yes. If Measure K passes, every school in the district will benefit. All schools would receive needed repairs. The specific repairs depend on the age of the school and the identified repair need. Specific repair information is available from the district office at (562) 868-8241 or the principal at your neighborhood school.

  • What will happen if Measure K doesn't pass? Most of the needed repairs are critical for student safety and are of immediate concern. Therefore, resources would have to be taken from classroom instruction. School facilities would continue to deteriorate, making future renovations even more expensive.

  • What about ongoing maintenance? Our school custodians and maintenance staffs have worked hard over the years to keep our schools clean and well maintained. Unfortunately, the types of repairs and need for renovation are beyond the scope and means of regular maintenance efforts. Our aging schools are simply wearing out and need upgraded roofs, electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems.

  • Will Measure K improve classroom instruction? Yes. The lack of properly equipped classrooms hinders teaching and learning. Improved electrical service will allow students and teachers to use more advanced technology. Additional classrooms will provide for less crowded instructional space. Upgraded classrooms and buildings will provide a safe, quality learning environment.

  • How much would this bond cost? The average cost to a homeowner in our district would be about $4 per month based on a home with an assessed valuation of $100,000. (This is not to be confused with market value of property. The assessed value may be much lower than the market value.) This money is tax deductible.

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